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Christian 1st | Web Developer 2nd

Hi! I'm David II.

Christian 1st | Web Developer 2nd

“Show yourself in all respects to be a model of good works” – Titus 2:7 (ESV)

I am a budding web developer passionate about learning new skills and tech within the space of software engineering. After gaining an interest in the field 2 years ago as a side hobby, I quickly found this was what I wanted to dive headfirst into as a profession. Starting from freeCodeCamp.com to learn beginner HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to now having taken college courses focused on front and back-end web development, I have continued to make progress in my journey. My next goal is to become AWS Cloud Computing Certified as a Cloud Practitioner and (later) a Solutions Architect. I am always looking for new opportunities to grow my current intellect and wisdom in web technology!

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In just 2 years, here is what I have accomplished...


Dec 2021: Initial Meeting

Jan 2022: Planned out the project taking initial inspiration from external esports orgs.

Feb-Late Apr 2022: Development of the site progressed with intermittent meetings to discuss added goals.

May 2022: Official Launch! 


Starting back in December 2021, I joined Armor of God Esports (AOG) as their lead Web Developer and Discord Community Admin. This project became my first delve into the space of Web Development and I couldn’t thank them enough for the opportunity!


Aug 2022: Jon Rush joins Guardians Gold to help create Churches.gg.

Late Aug-Oct 2022: Creative Director AJ Valdez takes lead and develops majority of the website.

Mid Oct 2022: I am brought on to support AJ which in turn provides me 1st time experience in WordPress and Elementor.

Dec 2022: Official Launch!


Along my academic journey, I picked up a part-time position over at Guardians Gold (GG), a company wanting to promote the Good in Gaming! In October 2022, I helped to develop Elevation Church Youth Director Jon Rush’s business website Churches.gg providing me with my first experience in WordPress and Elementor.  

Soon...Aki and Fam

The online streaming space wouldn’t the same place without the always positive and welcoming folks of Aki and Fam! I have had the privilege of working for them as a community manager both in their online server and Twitch stream for the better part of 2 years. Soon there might be another role to add onto that list….stay tuned!

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